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    Top 10 tips on choosing the best e cigarette

    If you are starting out on electronic cigarettes, you are probably overwhelmed by the huge options available for you. So how do you choose the best one for you? In this article, we tell you the 10 things that you need to consider when choosing the best e-cig for you, a lot of these tips have been taken from this UK e cig site, ecigclick.co.uk.

    1. Durable and quality batteries

    The single most important thing about electronic cigarettes is their batteries. The battery needs to be so powerful as to guarantee you hours of smoking. Also ensure that the battery is durable and can last you the long haul. It should be able to withstand the many bumps that it certainly will take in the course of your long day.

    2. Multiple Charging Options:

    You will only be able to enjoy your vape if the battery has enough charge. ENSURE that your e cig kit can be charged through a number of ways to replenish its charge. This means through a car adapter, a USB and through a wall adapter. If you have a kit that is only chargeable through USB, you will have very difficult time charging it if you are not close to your laptop.

    3. Ease of Use:

    At first when e cig were initially thrust on to the market, they used a 3-piecedesign. It required vapers to refill their e-cigs manually using a messy vaping liquid which would occasionally spill and even stain cloths and furniture. Also, the e-cigs had reusable atomizer which not only clogged but also reduced performance with ease.

    However, today the 2-piece design is the industry standard. It makes changing the e-cig cartridge a breeze since cartridges come pre-filled with the vaping liquid. Also, the cartridge has fresh atomizer in every replacement, a fact that ensures that you get a new experience with every puff. For ease of use, ensure that you pick an e cig with a 2-piece design.

    4. Flavor:

    While you are free to use any e-cig that you want, the only ones that you will be enjoying are the ones that have great flavor. Some people change their flavors according to their moods. Availability of many flavors gives you the room to test different flavors until you get a perfect one, despite what government bodies say. In short, your e-cig needs to have as many flavors as possible to allow you find your range.

    5. Cartridge Life:

    Getting a good flavor from the c-cig is important but so is ensuring that the flavor lasts. Nothing annoys like having to change your cartridge after only a few puffs. Therefore, the e-cig that you pick must be able to offer you a cartridge that can last for a long time. An e cig that has several puffs per cartridge gives you a longer vaping time, check out this V2 Cigs review as an example of a brand that offers a great cartomizer life.

    6. High Vapor Volume:

    One of the best things about vaping is the fact that it allows you to watch the vapor get away from your lips before forming a cloud. In this regard, not all e-cig brands are treated the same. To be sure that a certain electronic cigarette has sufficient volume vapor, read some reviews and even get to watch some videos of e-cigs in action.

    7. Customer Service:

    Excellent customer service is important for all electronic cigarettes users. In order to be guaranteed of the best services, you can just look at their customer services. It can be very sad to buy an extensive e-cig only to find out that the battery does not work.

    8. Where you will be vaping

    When on a bar or even a restaurant, you will find the discreet appearance that cartridge style c-cig offer. Even if you are at work and does not want to attract others attention to you, there are styles that are discreetly enough.

    9. The price

    Whatever you are going to pay for a particular e-cig determines whether you buy the electronic cigarette or go for another one. Like all other things in life, you get what you paid for. If you pay less, you get less. One thing I will say is take advantage of generous offers available, you really can save a lot of money. Take a look at this Jacvapour coupon as an example.

    10. What kind?

    Generally, there are two main classes of e-cigs. They include the tank style type that is refillable and one-piece disposable e-cigarettes. Assess the strengths and weaknesses of each type and then make an informed decision.


    Choosing the best electronic cigarette for you is critical. Take time and do your research before agreeing to use any kind of electronic cigarette.

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